A Reiki Session

Carolyn Lunn giving a reiki treatmentWestern Usui and traditional Japanese/Jikiden options available.

  • You sit or lie comfortably, fully clothed.
  • The Practitioner administers gentle touch or places hands near different parts of the body. (You will feel the benefits even if you prefer a “non-touch” treatment.)
  • Everyone’s experience is different. A treatment often feels like warm, gentle sunshine surrounding you to bring comfort and relaxation. 
  • Most sessions last 1 -1.5 hrs., but even a 10 min. “mini-treatment” can be very beneficial.
  • What Makes Rideau Lakes Reiki different?
    At Rideau Lakes Reiki, I concentrate my effort on strengthening my depth of understanding of the field of Reiki rather than spreading my time and energy covering additional professional fields. Reiki is “what I do”. I walk my own talk, especially with regard to my own personal growth and development. I am particularly understanding of and have experience dealing with the needs of school board employees, students and parents of children with special needs.

COST: $55/hour (or 3 pre-paid/$145).  

From the client perspective:

“When I think of healing hands, I automatically think of Carolyn. I have no idea how Reiki works, but I do know that I am utterly peaceful while being treated and I feel better afterwards. It doesn't matter how, it just does!" (D.H. retired civil servant). Read more testimonials.

Reiki treament room