Summer Sunshine Suncatcher (upcycled CD)


Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:30pm


Old CD's, which take over a million years to decompose, are dumped in landfills at an alarming rate.  Celebrate summer sunshine and help save the environment with this fun workshop (on Zoom).  Step by step instructions to create a 5 POINT DOT MANDALA. 

Cost:  Special price of $12.50 for members of the Stay Home Paint Dots FB Group. ($25.00 regular price).  Payable by etransfer to

PREREQUISITE:  You need to have completed one of my Basics of Mandala Art classes.

Register in advance:   (You will receive the Zoom link after I receive the course fee.)

Materials:  Prepared CD (remove the silver coating ahead of time), scrap paper or cardstock for practice, acrylic paint (white, light plum, plum, light orange, orange, bright yellow, bright red), dotting tools (3mm stylus to 16 mm cyclindrical tool), small paint brush, q-tips, water, paper towels, hair dryer, small container of water