Privacy Policy

As a Registered Health Professional (Speech-language Pathologist) in the province of Ontario I am required to adhere to high standards of Privacy and Confidentiality. I apply these same standards to my Reiki Practice.

As a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I am committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal and health information in a responsible manner. This document describes my policies and procedures for personal and health information in compliance with the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

Personal and Health Information is information about you and/or your child which may include home and/or work telephone number, address, date of birth, health and education history. This information is collected for the purpose of providing Reiki Treatment and/or Training Services to you and/or your children.

Any information provided or collected by Carolyn Lunn, Rideau Lakes Reiki will be kept in a confidential health file stored in a secure area. The personal and health information we collect is shared only those for whom we have your consent to share information. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

The exceptions, or limits to confidentiality include:

  • Reasonable grounds to suspect child abuse or neglect (mandatory reporting law).
  • When a client has indicated that she/he will cause harm to self or others.
  • As a CRA certified Reiki Master/Teacher I am obligated to report any member of the CRA who does not respect the code of ethics in order to protect the public interest.
  • Legal proceedings where records may be accessed by the courts.

You have the right to request access to personal information in your (your child’s) file and where appropriate, to have any inaccurate information corrected. This applies to factual information only and not to professional opinions, judgements or diagnoses. Written requests for access and/or correction will be processed within 30 days.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact Carolyn Lunn.