Dot Mandalas

Mandala art is a meditative practice, used by many peoples and cultures around the world.  The goal is to use a creative medium to immerse oneself in a process of relaxation and patience, rather than being concerned with an end product per se.  Benefits may include:  stress reduction, mental clarity, development of spatial awareness, and fostering of attention and concentration.  Participation with other people painting the same mandala also allows you to experience oneness and connectedness. 

I offer fun and relaxing beginner to intermediate level classes to teach you how to create beautiful Dot Mandalas on card stock, canvas, and stones using acrylic paints and basic tools.  In person classes are $45/participant.

However, during the Pandemic, these classes are taught online over Zoom at a reduced cost.

Cost:  $25/participant.                   Location:  Zoom     (Please see the Events page to check out upcoming classes.)  
Home Parties:    Please contact me if you want to schedule a Zoom class for yourself and a small group of friends.

I also have painted stones available for purchase.  These can be customized and infused with energy to suit your particular needs.