Distance Reiki

Even those who have received benefit from in-person Reiki sessions may be skeptical of a Distance Reiki session.  I know I was, until I received my first Distance session and was amazed by the experience and the effectiveness!  How is it possible to receive Reiki energy from someone in another room, another town or another country???  To understand this, we must remember that we are more than our physical bodies.  Reiki works beyond the rules of physical reality because it works on an energetic level.  We accept other energy frequencies that we cannot see, like radio waves and wi fi.  In order for them to work they need to be tuned in.  Reiki works the same way.  The Reiki practitioner "tunes" the healing energy to a specific person and then it flows naturally via the energy currents that exist naturally and connect every living thing.  Distance is not an obstacle to Reiki, in the same way that it isn't for cell phones and the internet.

Significant case studies and scientific studies attest to the benefits of in-person Reiki sessions on several levels.  However, in some cases where physically attending an in-person session is inconvenient or impossible (eg. time constraints, physical disability, discomfort with a strange person/environment, pandemic lock-down, etc.).  In such situations, Distant Reiki can provide a simple and effective alternative.  The only way to discover if a Reiki Distance session really works is to try one for yourself.  However, if you do, don't be surprised if it becomes your preferred method of healing.

Distant Reiki sessions last 30 minutes to an hour, and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time.  During the session, it is best if you are lying down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.  You may wish to listen to a short meditation and/or play your choice of relaxing music (lots of choices on YouTube) during your session.  However, the main requirement is my compassionate intention to send healing energy and your openness to receive whatever is for your highest good.  If you wish, I can get in touch by email, Messenger or phone prior to and after the session to discuss your intent and get feedback.        Cost:  $25/half hour (money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied)       

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