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Pondering the Start of a New Year

snowy expanseConfined to the house by the flu for the past two weeks, I finally ventured outside today on my cross country skis.  Though mostly recovered, with more energy than I’ve had for quite a while, I fervently hoped  that someone would have broken a trail on the golf course in my absence.  Initially, however, this hope was dashed by an unbroken expanse of clean, white, crystaline snow, at least 6-8 inches in depth. 

E-Squared Experiments continued

 (based on the book by Pam Grout)

Experiment 3 The Alby Einstein Principle (you are a field of energy)

As a regular Reiki Practitioner, I must admit a certain bias towards believing the premise of this experiment.  

Theory:  You are a field of energy in an even bigger field of energy.

Hypothesis:  If I am energy, I can direct my energy.


My personal Spiritual Development Timeline for the past 64 years, would include pivotal moments which reinforced my belief in a Benevolent Force in the Universe that responds to our prayers and intentions (though perhaps not always in the way we envision).  My earliest memory of such an event was when I was nine years old and unable to open my brother’s baby bottle in order to re-fill it with milk.  It was stuck good!  Remembering a story I had read about some children who prayed to have a glue bottle opened, I said a little prayer, tried again, et voila, just as in the story, the bottle op

SEASON OF MIRACLES - instalment 1

Coincidentally with the approach of Christmas, the season of miracles, I have started reading E2 by Pam Grout.  The book, subtitled “Nine do-it-yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” guides the reader into “awareness that miracles still happen, and that there is an amazing energy source available to everyone.


By mid-November when Christmas items start appearing on store shelves in full force, most of us start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones.  Adults are the hardest to buy for. Where to find something that's fun, surprising and original for the person who has everything? A Reiki Gift Certificate may well fit the bill and lead to some interesting conversation around the Christmas tree.   Most people will be intrigued by the promise of  an hour of complete relaxation and healing via a noninvasive therapy that uses gentle touch to balance the body at all levels.

What I Love About My Reiki Practice

I love my Reiki Practice.  This statement applies to both  my daily self-care practice and my professional business.   In both cases, I love the simplicity…no complicated procedures, no medical jargon, no religious dogma, just a gentle laying on of hands that relaxes, restores and recharges.   I love the feeling of  mindful “presence” and connection to Source.  I love the perception of energy moving through my hands to replenish areas of lack and peel away blockages and pain, moving myself and the client into the centre of a soothing stream of well-being. 


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