Works for Me!


Back in 2003, I was quite nervous about venturing into something as “far out” as Reiki.  However, I was stressed out at work, in a great deal of physical pain, and unpleasant to live with at home.  With nothing to lose except a little money and time, I told my anxious mind to “take a hike” and listened to my heart’s yearning for balance.  I am so very glad I did!  When receiving Reiki, I felt a sense of peace and happiness I didn’t know existed.  After receiving sessions for about a year I decided to take a Level 1 class so I could do at home “tune-ups” as well as helping family and friends.  I could not have imagined how such a simple practice would make such big changes in my life.

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve realized through regular Reiki practice:

  • Reduction in physical and emotional symptoms related to workplace stress;

  • Better management of negative emotions such as worry, anxiety and anger;

  • Ability to provide meaningful pain relief and relaxation to my Mum on her cancer journey and eventual passing;

  • Ability to provide pain relief and/or relaxation to numerous other family members, friends and clients (it is a wonderful feeling to know that you can “do something”);

  • Balance and stability in the presence of serious grief;

  • Elimination of most of the pain associated with a history of migraines, low back pain, arthritis, bunions and bursitis (I actually feel better now than I did in my 30’s!);

  • Ability to maintain or regain equilibrium more quickly when I’ve been knocked off balance from travel, illness or emotional upset;

  • Opportunities to meet many wonderful people;

  • Day by day, year by year, layer by layer, drawing closer to my Inner Heart and my True Self.

Not a bad return on investment, I would say!  If any of these issues resonate with you, Reiki might be of help.  The only way to know for sure is to book a session or class and find out for yourself.  For more information, see (Canadian Reiki Association) and (my website).  Be well!