What I Love About My Reiki Practice

I love my Reiki Practice.  This statement applies to both  my daily self-care practice and my professional business.   In both cases, I love the simplicity…no complicated procedures, no medical jargon, no religious dogma, just a gentle laying on of hands that relaxes, restores and recharges.   I love the feeling of  mindful “presence” and connection to Source.  I love the perception of energy moving through my hands to replenish areas of lack and peel away blockages and pain, moving myself and the client into the centre of a soothing stream of well-being. 

Even though I have a science background, I love the mystery of my Reiki practice.  Though scientists have some theories, Reiki defies explanation.  I don’t really understand how a computer works either, but I know its uses.  Just so with my Reiki practice.  I don’t know how it works.  However, I am confident that it always helps (though this is not always obvious at the time).  Moreover, I love that I never know what to expect from a treatment…it’s always different because Reiki somehow responds to individual needs.

I love that this gift is so easily shared over a one-day course with anyone who has an open mind and heart.  I love seeing the look of wonder on the faces of my students when they first feel the connection and realize that they are more than they believe they are, that they too are heirs to this simple Japanese healing art.

Beyond the hands-on treatments, I love the spirituality of my Reiki practice.   Reiki spiritual practice is not a religion, but it incorporates five guiding principles for a happy and healthy life.  Reciting these principles at the opening and closing of each day helps me deal with anger and worry and reminds me to be grateful, honest and kind.  

I recently listened to an interview with Dan Siegal, (DrDanSiegel.com), co-founder of the Mindful Awareness Research Centre at UCLA.  Dr. Siegal believes true happiness (as opposed to fleeting moments of feeling good) must include:  connection (with self and others), purpose, compassion (ability to feel the pain of others and wanting to help) and equanimity (experiencing emotions but having the ability to come back into balance).  Based on this definition, I would say that, in simplest terms,  I love my Reiki Practice, because it brings me happiness.