My personal Spiritual Development Timeline for the past 64 years, would include pivotal moments which reinforced my belief in a Benevolent Force in the Universe that responds to our prayers and intentions (though perhaps not always in the way we envision).  My earliest memory of such an event was when I was nine years old and unable to open my brother’s baby bottle in order to re-fill it with milk.  It was stuck good!  Remembering a story I had read about some children who prayed to have a glue bottle opened, I said a little prayer, tried again, et voila, just as in the story, the bottle opened easily.  The fact that God was willing to help with something so trivial laid a foundation of trust that has served me well in a variety of subsequent personal crises.

Fast forward to the present time.  My current explorations using the book, E-Squared: Nine do-it-yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout  will also rate a place on my spiritual timeline.  

Note: To establish context, it would be a good idea to first read the previous blog in this series. (http://www.rideaureiki.com/blog/season-miracles-instalment-1). 

Given the interesting results from Experiment 1, I faced the next investigation with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation.  Experiment 2 seeks evidence to support what Ms. Grout calls The Volkswagen Jetta Principle.  In other words “what shows up in our lives is a direct reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions”.  The book relates some fascinating examples of this principle in practice.  As I have witnessed this phenomenon many times in my own life, I was excited to objectively test the hypothesis in a 48 hour time frame.  

Here’s what happened:

Start:  9:00 a.m., Friday November 20, 2015

The Assignment:  For 48 hours I am to actively look for certain things.  For the first 24 hours, I look for beige vehicles.  For the next 24 hours I look for butterflies.

Research Notes:

  • First 24 hours:
    • This seems too easy.  I simply look for and count all the beige vehicles I encounter as drive into and home from town. 
    • Two separate trips nets me 39 beige vehicles
    • Of course it's clear that if I hadn’t been actively looking for the beige vehicles I would not have noted any of them specifically.  How many "golden opportunities" pass us by because our "antennae" are not tuned in the right direction.
  • Second 24 hours. 
    • Butterflies in Ontario  in November…hmmm.  I don’t believe I will see any living butterflies with temperatures approaching zero degrees Celsius.  The Universe complies.  cheeky
    • I decide to follow my intuition all day as to where to look for non-living butterflies.  
    • 10:00 Saturday morning I feel I might see butterflies if I go out on the deck.  As I often do, I faced the sun, repeated the five Reiki Principles, and gave thanks for this new day with its many blessings.  Having a strong feeling that I would see butterflies on my way back into the house, I glanced to my left.  There hung a wind chime given to me by my Mum many long years ago…Bingo!  15 butterflies!!!  
    • 11:00 a.m. I find a butterfly logo on the palm oil I’m using to make lunch.
    • 12:30 p.m. I feel that I will likely find butterflies in my Reiki Room.  Butterfly goldmine!!: 2 (on a picture on the wall) + 12 (on my Reiki Principles Plaque) + 7 (on my Reiki Certificate).  This find is not unexpected as I have received several items from my Reiki Master, Denise Carpenter who marks all her materials with a butterfly logo. 
    • So far, I’m just using my intuition (my subconscious already knows where to find butterflies in the house) along with focused attention to a specific image.  I begin to wonder if the Universe can give me butterflies from a random exercise.   With this in mind I rideau reiki butterfly blogstart to vigorously shuffle my Angel Card Deck with the expectation of finding butterflies.……..Cut the deck 3 times…..Lift the first card….no butterflies…lift the second card…Bingo!! 10 butterflies decorate the skirt of a lovely angel.  To get a feeling for the probability of this happening by chance, I check the rest of the deck and discover there are only 2 other cards with butterflies in the entire deck of 44 cards!  In other words, there was only a 6% chance that I would have randomly drawn one of the cards that contained butterflies.  Even more interesting, the message on the "butterfly" card I drew was relevant:  Ground Yourself.  I had been feeling very ungrounded and “hyper” for the previous couple of days.  
    • 8:30 a.m. Sunday.  As I’m making coffee, I glance to my left and find 6 more butterflies on a tray propped in the corner of the counter.
    • 9:00 a.m. Sunday.  End of the experiment.  I find two more butterflies as logos on the sole of the sandals that I remove from the hall closet for winter storage.
    • Grand Total (drum roll please!)…. 55 butterflies….who would have thought I would find more butterflies than beige vehicles!!

For the second time in a row, I find Pam Grout’s suggested 48 hour exercise intriguing.  The results do indeed suggest that our external world is a reflection of our inner thoughts.  If we tune into butterflies we will find them.  Just as surely, tuning into negative thoughts will more likely yield negative outcomes.  I love the way Grout’s “principle” correlates with the intention of daily meditation on the Reiki Principles.  If we let go of anger and worry and fill ourselves with gratitude, integrity and compassion we establish a powerful template for happiness and health.  

Next up…Experiment 3:  The Alby Einstein Principle:  You, too are a field of energy. (I knew that!)