Pondering the Start of a New Year

snowy expanseConfined to the house by the flu for the past two weeks, I finally ventured outside today on my cross country skis.  Though mostly recovered, with more energy than I’ve had for quite a while, I fervently hoped  that someone would have broken a trail on the golf course in my absence.  Initially, however, this hope was dashed by an unbroken expanse of clean, white, crystaline snow, at least 6-8 inches in depth. 

While slowly making my way through the unbroken surface, it occurred to me that the scene before me could be viewed as analogous to the promise of a New Year.  The old tracks from before Christmas had been obliterated.  Here was an opportunity, if I had the energy, to start again and forge a trail that might be helpful to myself and others at a later date.

Despite my initial enthusiasm, my energy reserves proved insufficient to the task of breaking trail over any appreciable distance.  I was, therefore delighted on finding fresh tire tracks of just the right width. Later, I gave thanks for snow shoe tracks that led more or less in the direction I had hoped to go. Though tempted to extend the outing, I listened to my internal voice advising a "return to base".   The end result was an enjoyable solo winter outing without any adverse effects on my health.

As I returned, I pondered the importance of a balance between independence and forging ahead on our own, while still learning and accepting help from others.  In addition, following another’s path requires powers of discernment in order to be sure that that path is in alignment with where you want to go.  Sometimes, even with help from others, our inner reserves need a boost. Establishing a daily spiritual practice (e.g. self-Reiki, meditation, yoga) can go a long way to keeping the engines fired up over the long haul.  I believe firmly that daily self-Reiki and gentle yoga while I was sick helped me accept the situation as it was and speeded my recovery.

With sincere good wishes that you too  will find opportunities to forge new trails, learn from others that have gone before, hone your discernment skills and establish regular self-care for alignment with your highest good in 2018.