Love and Compassion: It all Starts with You

bed book breakfastFebruary is the month for celebrating St. Valentine’s day and love.  However, when have you seriously thought about loving yourself?  Far from being arrogant, conceited or ego-centric, loving oneself (as proposed by psychologist Erich Fromm in The Art of Loving, Harper & Row 1956), means caring about oneself, taking responsibility for oneself, respecting oneself, and knowing oneself (being realistic about one’s strengths and weaknesses).  Fromm further proposed that in order to be able to truly love another person, a person needs to first love oneself in this way.  It follows, as well, that in order to care for other people, we need to first take care of ourselves.  In my role as a school board Speech-language Pathologist, I regularly see caregivers and educational staff going above and beyond in their dedication to their families, students, and work-related duties.  I regularly see these same people putting themselves last. 
During this month of love, why not make a commitment to making “self-love” a priority?  Carve out some “me” time (even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes) to do something that brings you joy.  Just for today.  Having trouble with this?  Reiki can help.  Book an appointment today to find out how.