By mid-November when Christmas items start appearing on store shelves in full force, most of us start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones.  Adults are the hardest to buy for. Where to find something that's fun, surprising and original for the person who has everything? A Reiki Gift Certificate may well fit the bill and lead to some interesting conversation around the Christmas tree.   Most people will be intrigued by the promise of  an hour of complete relaxation and healing via a noninvasive therapy that uses gentle touch to balance the body at all levels.  Through an as yet unknown mechanism,  Reiki has been shown to accelerate healing, promote stress reduction, reduce or eliminate pain, strengthen the immune system and assist in clearing emotional or physical trauma.  It is wonderfully supportive for those who are aging or in hospice care.  As a Health Care Provider and Reiki Practitioner for over 12 years, I guarantee a professional experience in a  supportive setting.  Treatments are reasonably priced at $55 for a one hour treatment or $145 for 3  treatments.    Call 613-283-6663 or e-mail to arrange for pickup of your personalized Gift Certificate.  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Reiki gift certificate