E-Squared Experiments continued

 (based on the book by Pam Grout)

Experiment 3 The Alby Einstein Principle (you are a field of energy)

As a regular Reiki Practitioner, I must admit a certain bias towards believing the premise of this experiment.  

Theory:  You are a field of energy in an even bigger field of energy.

Hypothesis:  If I am energy, I can direct my energy.

Objective:  To investigate that thoughts and feelings create energy waves, using a set of “Einstein wands” created from a couple of coat hangers and straws (see photos).  With eyes open focus (in turn) on: an unpleasant past event , a loving or joyous event, an object to my far right or far left and observe the wand activity.  With nothing but my powerful thoughts and energy, can I make the wands “rock and roll”?  I had so much fun using the wands that I extended the experiment in several ways.

Date:  November 22, 2015 (2 hours); extended over several more days in different locations and situations.

Research Notes/Observations:

1. Focus on an unpleasant event /negative words:

  • Though of the death of my mother 6 years ago:  wands crossed over at my midline.
  • At my request, my husband yelled nasty words at me. Even though I new he wasn’t serious, the wands crossed over.
  • Repeating this exercise more than 10 times over a period of weeks yielded consistent results.energy wands crossed








2.  Focus on a joyous event/positive words:

  •  I thought with gratitude of a recent hike in beautiful natural surroundings: wands responded by flying wide apart.
  •  I stood in front of a printed copy of the Reiki principles: wands responded by flying so far apart that they actually rotated more than 180 degrees! 
  •  I stood on the back deck at sunrise with an attitude of thankfulness, wands flew wide apart.
  •  Intrigued by the results of pointing the wands at the Reiki Principles, I asked my husband to hold the principles or nothing in front of the wands while I closed my eyes.  Results were inconsistent.






3.  Focus to object on left or right:

  •     Inconsistent results.  Sometimes the wands followed my intent, sometimes not.

4.   Energy in rooms:

  •  I held the wands in my Reiki Practice Room:  wands moved slightly outwards
  •  I then “cleared” and raised the vibration of the room by lighting beeswax candles, lighting my salt lamp, drumming, “beaming” reiki from my hands in all directions, tracing Reiki symbols on the walls (as I normally do prior to using the room for treatments):  when held in the newly cleared room, the wands swung widely apart.
  •  I  took the wands to a friend’s house and held them in a cluttered room; even though I was thinking happy thoughts I couldn’t get the wands to move beyond a straight ahead position.

5. Additional investigations:

  • Intrigued by the results of these simple trials, I have used the wands to measure my energy levels before and after specific practices such as yoga, meditation, and gratitude.  Wands have consistently shown a neutral pre-practice position, followed by a post-practice spread apart position (sometimes rotating beyond 90 degrees).
  • I have tried to observe any obvious change in finger position or tension when holding rods.  The only way I could produce the "cross-over" response was to consciously press firmly on the straw with my index finger.Neutral energy wands








  1.  I appear to be capable of influencing physical objects with nothing but my thoughts and emotions.  
  2. Spoken and written words appear to have energetic signatures that can be detected by the wands.  However, based on the equivocal results  with the Reiki Principles when I was blind-folded, it is likely that results with words are related to the effect of the words on one's emotional energy.  Traditional Reiki healing practice includes specific words (mantras) and symbols.  Whether the energy comes from the words themselves or the positive energetic state they engender in the practitioner and/or the client is difficult to determine.  
  3. Rooms may hold positive, negative or neutral energy that can be detected by the wands.  This energy can be changed by specific actions.  These results would be consistent with the practice of Feng Shui and other environmental energy strategies.   
  4. The wands appear to be very sensitive to human emotion.  The operational mechanism, however, is unclear.  Are they responding to actual changes in our energetic field, or to very slight changes in muscle tension corresponding to positive or negative emotion.  Regardless of the mechanism, the wands a fun and interesting way to demonstrate physically what we can easily detect emotionally.
  5. Further investigation with a mind to reducing observer bias and introducing ways to ensure more consistency in how the wands are held .

As professional "dousers" seem to have reasonably reliable results searching for electrical wires and water, the results were not unexpected.   I leave it to you, dear readers, to conduct your own experiments and I would love to hear about your results.