Christmas Reflection

 Approaching Christmas 2014 as a child of the 50's and 60's, I am wondering when this season changed from one of excitement, expectation and magic into a time of hustle, bustle and stress.  We are surrounded by media advice on how to slow down and enjoy the holidays.  Yet the turkey needs to made, the cookies need to be baked, the presents need to be wrapped and the floors need to be mopped...Don't they?

I hate to admit that for the past few days I have been a poor example of my brand:  Balance in mind, body in spirit...indeed!  Bah Humbug!  Gotta work on that list!  There will never be enough time!

Miraculously, however, I am today feeling the Joy and Peace that I remember from Christmas past.  It started early this morning with my re-posting of a blog by Pamela Miles on how Reiki can help us feel better.  I posted "Why not make feeling better a goal for 2015?  Reiki can help."  Then I opened an email gift from my dear sister (a.k.a. the family "memory keeper").  She had scoured the Internet for pictures of dozens of items that had meaning from our shared childhoods:  wax cigars, tinsel Christmas trees, Betsy Wetsy, hair curlers, Pick up Sticks, granny dresses and maxi coats. So many items, so many memories...took me right back to that simpler time when all we had to do was be good and wait for Christmas Eve when Santa would magically put up the tree overnight and leave presents and special candy (one winter when Dad was out of work, the main presents were old dolls that Santa had repaired and fitted out with new clothes, but we loved them just the same). 

After this I headed off to the Reiki Clinic (Lotus Wings in Perth, ON) to do up a gift certificate for a client.  Despite my list of "work-related should do's", I asked myself, "Why wait for 2015 to feel better?" and, after having a relaxing cup of tea, sat down for an hour-long much-needed Reiki Self-Treatment.  The treatment was unbelievably helpful in releasing stress and allowing me to relax.  I felt loved, enveloped by the many family members who have passed on.  As I was leaving the clinic, I mentioned to Denise (my Reiki mentor) about all the things I still had to do.  She wisely reminded me how Christmas is about the excitement of the Spirit of Christmas, not about getting everything done on the list. Surprisingly, I completed my holiday grocery shopping in record time, arrived home in good spirits and am feeling very positive about the next couple of days. 
Thank-you Pamela Miles, thank-you sister Cindy, thank-you Denise, thank-you Reiki and thank-you Loving Spirit for this time to enjoy family and friends and be reminded of what's really important in life!  Wishing everyone a blessed Christmastime!  May peace be present in our hearts and spread to the world at large.