Angel Doggie?

For the past two and a half weeks, we have played host to our “grand dog” Diego, a large golden Labradoodle.  Our single level bungalow was better suited for him to recover from major abdominal surgery than his own home with its multiple sets of stairs to negotiate.   While having him here has been a disruption to our normal activities (e.g. early morning wakeups and frequent trips outside as our yard is not fenced), Diego has more than paid for his keep in many ways.

To begin with, his big brown eyes and wagging tail emanate love energy, even when he’s feeling ill.  I often have the feeling that he is an angel sent to model unconditional love for us poor humans.  He is also very open to receiving love, especially in the form of Reiki energy.  He was more than willing to help me practice a new technique I recently learned from Kathleen Prasad ( which emphasizes creating a quiet Reiki space by sitting in quiet meditation with the animal companion and only initiating hands-on treatment at the animal’s request.  This was extremely effective the first night of his illness, when he was obviously in pain, unwilling to eat or drink.  Despite his obvious distress (panting and whining) he settled within minutes of my creating a Reiki healing space and slept quietly until the next day when we could get him to the vet.  Post-surgery, he laid down and relaxed profoundly for his daily sessions, lifting his leg to allow me to provide more direct treatment by hovering my hands over the incision on his abdomen.  The incision healed in record time and staples were removed a couple of days before the two week mark.

Diego is normally a fairly rambunctious dog.  During his convalescence, however, I was struck by his acceptance of the situation and a willingness to do what was necessary to heal.  Not once did he try to remove the Elizabethan collar that kept him from disturbing the incision, even though it was constantly in his way when walking around tight corners in our house.  Even when I mistakenly removed the collar and had to put it back on, he simply sat patiently and let me do what I had to do.    When I asked to be allowed to look at his incision, he usually laid down and moved his leg in such a way that I could have a look.  Even when the vet tech removed the staples from his incision, Diego simply laid quietly while I held his head and sent Reiki.

Now that he is feeling better, he delights in a long walk.  It’s great to see his old spirit returning.  However, he still loves to relax and receive Reiki.  He remains patient, as if to say, “The world is a good place.  I trust my humans to take care of me. I know this situation won’t last forever.  I will be home with my real human companion soon.  In the meantime, I am content to live in present time and be thankful.”  I have learned much about patience and acceptance from this canine “angel”.  Thanks Diego!