Posted on July 4, 2018
  Back in 2003, I was quite nervous about venturing into something as “far out” as Reiki.  However, I was stressed out at work, in a great deal of physical pain, and unpleasant to live with at home.  With nothing to lose except a little money and time, I told my anxious mind to “take a hike” and listened to my heart’s yearning for balance.  I am so very glad I did!  When receiving Reiki, I felt a sense of peace and happiness I didn’t know existed.  After receiving sessions for about a year I decided to take a Level 1 class so I could do at home “tune-ups” as well as helping family and friends.  I could not have imagined how such a simple practice would make such big changes in my life. Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve realized through regular Reiki practice: Reduction in physical... Read more
Posted on January 10, 2018
Confined to the house by the flu for the past two weeks, I finally ventured outside today on my cross country skis.  Though mostly recovered, with more energy than I’ve had for quite a while, I fervently hoped  that someone would have broken a trail on the golf course in my absence.  Initially, however, this hope was dashed by an unbroken expanse of clean, white, crystaline snow, at least 6-8 inches in depth.  While slowly making my way through the unbroken surface, it occurred to me that the scene before me could be viewed as analogous to the promise of a New Year.  The old tracks from before Christmas had been obliterated.  Here was an opportunity, if I had the energy, to start again and forge a trail that might be helpful to myself and others at a later date. Despite my initial... Read more
Posted on January 12, 2016
 (based on the book by Pam Grout) Experiment 3 The Alby Einstein Principle (you are a field of energy) As a regular Reiki Practitioner, I must admit a certain bias towards believing the premise of this experiment.   Theory:  You are a field of energy in an even bigger field of energy. Hypothesis:  If I am energy, I can direct my energy. Objective:  To investigate that thoughts and feelings create energy waves, using a set of “Einstein wands” created from a couple of coat hangers and straws (see photos).  With eyes open focus (in turn) on: an unpleasant past event , a loving or joyous event, an object to my far right or far left and observe the wand activity.  With nothing but my powerful thoughts and energy, can I make the wands “rock and roll”?  I had so much fun using the wands that I... Read more
Posted on November 26, 2015
My personal Spiritual Development Timeline for the past 64 years, would include pivotal moments which reinforced my belief in a Benevolent Force in the Universe that responds to our prayers and intentions (though perhaps not always in the way we envision).  My earliest memory of such an event was when I was nine years old and unable to open my brother’s baby bottle in order to re-fill it with milk.  It was stuck good!  Remembering a story I had read about some children who prayed to have a glue bottle opened, I said a little prayer, tried again, et voila, just as in the story, the bottle opened easily.  The fact that God was willing to help with something so trivial laid a foundation of trust that has served me well in a variety of subsequent personal crises. Fast forward to the present... Read more
Posted on November 19, 2015
Coincidentally with the approach of Christmas, the season of miracles, I have started reading E2 by Pam Grout.  The book, subtitled “Nine do-it-yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” guides the reader into “awareness that miracles still happen, and that there is an amazing energy source available to everyone. ”  My curiosity piqued, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to conduct each of the nine experiments and report my results in a blog.  Each experiment, conducted within a 48-hour time frame, is designed to illustrate one of nine spiritual principles.   This first blog relates to Experiment Number 1: The Dude Abides Principle (i.e. There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities). In this experiment I was to give the “... Read more
Posted on November 18, 2015
By mid-November when Christmas items start appearing on store shelves in full force, most of us start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones.  Adults are the hardest to buy for. Where to find something that's fun, surprising and original for the person who has everything? A Reiki Gift Certificate may well fit the bill and lead to some interesting conversation around the Christmas tree.   Most people will be intrigued by the promise of  an hour of complete relaxation and healing via a noninvasive therapy that uses gentle touch to balance the body at all levels.  Through an as yet unknown mechanism,  Reiki has been shown to accelerate healing, promote stress reduction, reduce or eliminate pain, strengthen the immune system and assist in clearing emotional or physical... Read more
Posted on July 8, 2015
I love my Reiki Practice.  This statement applies to both  my daily self-care practice and my professional business.   In both cases, I love the simplicity…no complicated procedures, no medical jargon, no religious dogma, just a gentle laying on of hands that relaxes, restores and recharges.   I love the feeling of  mindful “presence” and connection to Source.  I love the perception of energy moving through my hands to replenish areas of lack and peel away blockages and pain, moving myself and the client into the centre of a soothing stream of well-being.  Even though I have a science background, I love the mystery of my Reiki practice.  Though scientists have some theories, Reiki defies explanation.  I don’t really understand how a computer works either, but I know its uses.  Just so... Read more
Posted on March 20, 2015
For the past two and a half weeks, we have played host to our “grand dog” Diego, a large golden Labradoodle.  Our single level bungalow was better suited for him to recover from major abdominal surgery than his own home with its multiple sets of stairs to negotiate.   While having him here has been a disruption to our normal activities (e.g. early morning wakeups and frequent trips outside as our yard is not fenced), Diego has more than paid for his keep in many ways. To begin with, his big brown eyes and wagging tail emanate love energy, even when he’s feeling ill.  I often have the feeling that he is an angel sent to model unconditional love for us poor humans.  He is also very open to receiving love, especially in the form of Reiki energy.  He was more than willing to help me practice... Read more
Posted on February 22, 2015
February is the month for celebrating St. Valentine’s day and love.  However, when have you seriously thought about loving yourself?  Far from being arrogant, conceited or ego-centric, loving oneself (as proposed by psychologist Erich Fromm in The Art of Loving, Harper & Row 1956), means caring about oneself, taking responsibility for oneself, respecting oneself, and knowing oneself (being realistic about one’s strengths and weaknesses).  Fromm further proposed that in order to be able to truly love another person, a person needs to first love oneself in this way.  It follows, as well, that in order to care for other people, we need to first take care of ourselves.  In my role as a school board Speech-language Pathologist, I regularly see caregivers and educational staff going above... Read more
Posted on January 14, 2015
  During a Reiki session you can expect that: You will sit or lie comfortably, fully clothed while the practitioner places her hands gently on or near different areas of your body.  Touch is always light and respectful. Your experience will be individualized according to what you need at that particular point in time.  Your experience is unlikely to be like your friend’s or like the session that you just read about in a popular magazine.  Each person has their own unique pattern of imbalances and blockages, based on their particular personality type and life experiences.  Therefore, you may just feel as if you’ve experienced a particularly relaxing meditation (without any effort on your part).  You may also feel sensations of heat or cold, tingling, vibration or pulsation or a combination... Read more