About Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that promotes relaxation, healing and well-being through the use of gentle touch. Reiki does not replace, but supports any medical or supplemental healing methods that you may be using. Reiki is increasingly being offered as standard care by many prestigious hospitals

Reiki is a very simple yet powerful practice that can be learned by anyone, including seniors, children and teenagers. Attending a class will give you a tool that has been proven to relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion and other symptoms that are worse when we are stressed and unbalanced.

What are the benefits.

While the evidence for most of the benefits of Reiki is anecdotal, preliminary research studies seem to support its efficacy for promoting relaxation and stress reduction by improving heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. By encouraging a state of wellness, Reiki could save you time and money by reducing the need for pain medication, reducing drug side-effects and avoiding workplace absenteeism and stress leave.

How does it work?

No one really understands the mechanism by which Reiki works. However, you will immediately feel its effects.

My clients report feeling relaxed and balanced with less pain and more energy. And there’s no risk as Reiki is non-invasive.

Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is not a massage.

Like yoga or meditation, Reiki can be practiced within the context of any religious belief that you might have, or if you have no particular religious affiliation or belief.

The Practitioner’s hands do not even have to touch your body in any way for you to feel the benefit (strange as it seems…ask anyone who’s had a treatment!).