Carolyn Lunn of Rideau Lakes ReikiMy Reiki journey began in 2002 in response to workplace stress. Initially somewhat skeptical, I was amazed by the wonderful sense of relaxation and well-being I experienced during and after a treatment. A couple of years later as a trained Practitioner, I was happy to use Reiki to improve quality of life for my mother who was battling lung cancer. 

Since then, Reiki’s gentle healing power has helped me cope with stress, physical pain (migraines, joint pain), anxiety, family conflict and bereavement.

My practice over the years has included family and friends, adults and children over a range of conditions: asthma, allergies, anxiety, depression, cancer, migraines, Lyme Disease, Lupus, arthritis, workplace overload, heart and lung disease and neurological issues. Everyone has reported feelings of relaxation and well-being that last beyond the initial treatment time.

I love sharing this simple gift with others! Since studying to become a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007, I have trained both children and adults. Students are amazed at how easy it is to learn the basic techniques

Having spent 15 years as a School Board Speech-language Pathologist, I am particularly passionate about encouraging educational staff, students and parents to try Reiki. As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, who unfortunately passed away at age 3, I am also fascinated by intriguing preliminary studies on possible benefits for children with special needs and stressed-out teenagers,

As your Wellness Partner, I am committed to developing better ways to serve you and your unique needs. For instance, as a result of additional training in 2013, I can offer you a choice of either Western “Usui” Reiki or “Jikiden” Reiki, the authentic original Reiki style used in Japan. Each has its own unique techniques.

Reiki is “what I do”. On the other hand, if you are in need of conventional medical or psychological support, in addition to Reiki, I will suggest you seek appropriate care.