Reiki Is a Low-cost, Drug-free way to:

  • Carolyn Lunn, M.Sc., Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, CRA-RTincrease your energy
  • improve your health
  • reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety
  • help you cope during times of major change
  • find comfort in times of bereavement
  • accelerate your healing process after surgery and orthopedic injuries
  • pamper yourself
  • relieve your pain
  • model positive wellness strategies for your children.

Carolyn is a true gift to us.  If you have not enjoyed a Reiki session with her yet, I invite you to.

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Serving areas in and around Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place, Lanark, Merrickville, Westport, and Kemptville, Ontario.
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